The philosophy: “Small enough to know you - large enough to support you” is consistently implemented by our, usually long-term, employees and is very much appreciated by our customers.

This alignment to our customers, customer proximity and a continuously pursued maximisation of customer satisfaction result in a mix of economically interesting and humanly pleasant business relations.

ELPEX AG has been successfully working together with reliable manufacturers for years, which is an important prerequisite for consistent customer service. Continuity - the recipe for success!

On Site

We provide our services on customer premises, at your company, on site.

Full Service

We maintain, clean, reconstruct and extend.


You will be provided with our comprehensive services, both on ELPEX AG systems and on third-party systems.


Our company vehicles take us to our customers quickly, well equipped, on time and with all necessary equipment.

    Industrie Neuhof 23A
    CH-3422 Kirchberg

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    Fax: +41 34 426 26 09
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