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ELPEX AG customers are located worldwide and in all kinds of different sectors. Here are some choice customers from our long list of references. This list is not conclusive.

The Food Industry
Nestlé, Emmi Frischprodukte AG, Frutarom Europa, Emmi Fondue AG, Frigema, Kambly SA, Louis Ditzler AG

Systems Engineering
Anlagenbau AG, Aseptomag-mts AG, Kasag AG, Cerex AG, Bawaco, Brand Anlagenbau AG

Mechanical Engineering and Automation
Amax Automation AG, Georg Jenni AG, PC-Laborsystem GmbH, Polyservice AG, ABB Flexible Automation AG, Güdel AG, Osterwalder AG, Asitrade AG, Promec AG, Maschinenfabrik Bern AG

The Building Industry
Hebetec Engineering AG, Trumag AG, Dorner Electronic AG, Fixit AG, Vibeton AG

Borer Chemie AG

Conveyor Systems in Logistics
Gilgen Logistics AG, Inea AG

Safety Technology
Paul Scherrer Institut Villigen PSI, Suva, Tela Kymberly AG

Amcor Flex. Schüpbach AG, Burger Engineering AG, Demtech AG, Fenaco AG, Mecaplex AG, Zeiler AG